Songs for Harford County schools


Alden hams it up

feel free to use these video & audio files in class!

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Comprehension Bookmark and other curriculum songs :

Find the

Main Idea

audio only:

Find the Main Idea.mp3



audio only:

My BCR.mp3

(money counting song) 

If I Had A

audio only:

If I Had A Penny.mp3


Shameless basking in glory:

“The coordinator at Magnolia Elementary school shared with the parents (at family night) that a teacher saw her students quietly singing Alden’s songs to themselves during the MSAs to help them answer their questions!”

I've Got the Power (no more bullies song)

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I've Got the Power.mp3

“I can make a change

I've got the power

This is the day, this is the hour

No matter how much

I've got in my heart
I can make a change

I'm gonna start

Yes I will

Yes I can

Yes I will

Yes I can”