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I'm really excited to tell you that my children's music is for sale on iTunes! Yup, my little album that I recorded in my house is now available at the same place where you find U2 and Hannah Montana. Except my stuff is funnier. And I dress better than Hannah Montana.

Important quotes

"Really wonderful! My kids have the songs memorized already! I play your songs EVERY week!"
-H.C. - preschool teacher
Baltimore County

"Play I like to jump!"
-anonymous preschooler

"Where are the cookies?"

My new CD is almost ready!

Here's the opening track: Totally Attached to His Head

(c)2010 Alden Phelps

I've got a new bunch of silly songs for kids, and they'll be available on iTunes and CDBaby soon! I haven't chosen the album name yet so your suggestions are welcome!

Some suggested album titles are:

"Totally Attached to His Head and Other Songs"
"The Mysterious Island of the Grandmas"
"Somebody Stole My Penguin and Other Songs"
"When They Make Me the President"

Alden's on iTunes!

My album on iTunes

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How about this?

I know that many of you own my children's CD "A Little Cow Music", which features such strange and silly songs as My Mommy's A Pirate and Am I In Trouble? but now you can join our country's digitized youth culture and download my stuff to play on your iPod or burn CD's.

By doing this you can help me achieve worldwide mega-fame and when I'm jet setting back and forth across the globe performing in child-filled concert halls with Raffi and The Wiggles as my warm-up act, I promise I won't forget your magnanimous friendship when you bought my first tracks on iTunes.

You can download individual tracks or the whole album, or you can 'gift' it to someone else. I've added/changed a couple of new songs too, so if you already own the album you can download All Came Tumblin' Down and The Weather Song, which are new. Thanks so much! I love you!

Wanna buy a regular CD?

My album is available at

Songs on A Little Cow Music:

1 My Mommy's A Pirate
2 Dinner Invitation
3 Drawing With My Sister
4 Chocolate Pie
5 Mom's Cellular Phone
6 An Unacceptable Song
7 Video Games All Day
8 Am I In Trouble
9 Why Do I Have To?
10 The Weather Song
11 Chickens Commuting to Work
12 Grandma Is A Frog
13 The Cow Song
14 All Came Tumblin' Down
15 Growth
16 Monster
17 Bedbug Blues
18 Daddy's Got A Tattoo
19 Uncle Tom Ate A Piano
20 Please Give Me Cookies
21 The Popsicle Song
22 Let's Go Fishing at the Pond
23 You Can't Smell a Flower on a Screen

About my CDs:

I wrote, performed, and recorded all these songs in my home studio. My two young sons inspire me and provide lots of material! I also get to use them as guinea pigs to test out new songs. These highly sophisticated critics of children's music tell me frankly what works and what doesn't. So you know you're getting pre-approved stuff!

Reviews of my CDs:

Baltimore's Child Magazine, for my first CD:

An internet bulletin board review of my CD Super Silly Songs:

"...I was thinking it was you who introduced us to his WONDERFUL Cd that I have played literally hundreds of times in the past couple months. My daycare kids just love it - especially I Like to Jump - Which I do believe is the all time "most played" song in my 10 years of running this daycare. The kids all know it by heart and if they aren't all singing along the whole way through - they certainly are when it gets to the part of "i like to jump in my UNDERWEAR!" Ooh that always cracks them up.

Anyway, I just wanted you to spread the word to him that his voice is heard in our house on a daily basis, and ask you to PLEASE let us know if he has any other CDs out since that one, cuz we're all over it if there is. -And not that I don't enjoy this CD - but something different would be really nice about now!

After finding out I have another CD:
I listened to some of his new songs off his website. They're great and I'll definitely be placing an order - and sure you can forward my comments to him. Kameryn asked me to tell you to tell him that her favorite part is when they say "I Like to jump on my BROTHER'S HEAD! -don't really do that okay?" - and the older girls love the song that begins (and ends) - "Why did my Hamburger, roll under the couch. dun dun." They can't wait to hear his new songs! Thanks!
KW, Racine WI

A blog review of my CD by my sister-in-law:

(yeah, I know she's my sister-in-law, but she has NINE kids and that must count for something. I promise I didn't ask her to write this...)

Sunday, April 15, 2007, by Mary K In praise of A Little Cow Music

My brother-in-law has done it again. Alden has come out with his second self-produced album of children's songs and this one is fantastic! He struck a deal with the local dairy stand which sports a large fiberglass cow in the front. He would write a song just for the dairy stand and they would play it on endless loop and sell his CD's at the counter. It's a wonderful marriage of music, ice cream and plain silliness. His tunes are so singable I've been singing them in my nauseam...I actually have video of David sitting on his potty singing:

My Mommy's a pirate
oh what can I say!
She's out on the high seas
almost every day
She may be a scoundrel
and a flea biting scum
but I still love her
because she's my Mum!

The actual words are "sea-going bum" but we all know by now that David has his own take on life. My favorite moment with the album though was the day I was driving down the road talking to Alden on my cell phone at the very moment his voice was belting out:

Blah Blah talking
at the wheel or when she's walking
We need towing
oh please watch where you're going mom was talking on her cellular phone

The almost Twain-esque social commentary found in songs like Video Games All Day and Daddy's Got a Tattoo is completely lost on Philip who does a very funny muppet-like dance as he hears video sounds ringing in his head and dreams of the day when he can actually play video games all day. As far as he's concerned, Uncle Alden is his biggest ally in the video game war he's waging with his mum (in which she really does seem to him to act remarkably like a vicious pirate).

All 3 of the big boys suddenly take on that competitive edge around their eyeballs when the title song The Cow Song comes along. Each one is mysteriously compelled to become the first one able to recite every word of the long list of ice cream flavors and add-ins with the same remarkable speed with which Alden plays and sings. Listening to that song always creates a frenzy of competition with lips flying and ears glued to the speakers. We can never play that one just once - we have to repeat it again and again in hopes of increasing the number of words per second escaping from their lips at each go 'round. Oh, I could go on and on about this album. We love everything about it. But for now I'll stop here and post his website as soon as he gets it up. That way you too can do what we do - buy 10 copies at a time and hand them out to every poor kid who invites one of our brood to their birthday party....

You can order my first CD by contacting me: